First off, happy Grammy’s/New York Fashion Week! What an exciting week for fashion lovers. The runway shows have started and I have been obsessively checking my Vogue Runway app (my current favorite is Rachel Antonoff) every hour since, and I can’t stop scrolling through Instagram looking at red carpet looks (Solange Knowles. Enough said). The gowns and collections at events like these never fail to bring a flood of inspiration my way; however, my personal style always manages to stick to the basics and encompasses comfort and simplicity.

As I’ve said in almost every article, the overwhelming majority of my clothes come from thrift stores/online resale apps. I adore the pre-loved, one of a kind pieces I’m able to find and add to my wardrobe, but I’m always intrigued by and attracted to the old, dingy pieces straight from the closet of someone’s grandparents. I bought a worn out Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr. T-shirt from Goodwill two weeks ago and haven’t taken it off since; nothing feels more “me” than an oversize graphic T-shirt or sweater, mom jeans, and booties or sneakers. I definitely have my signature look down to a tee (no pun intended), but that isn’t to say that it won’t change in the next couple of months. That’s what I love most about fashion/style; it is ever changing. Trends and styles come and go with the seasons, and tastes change over time. So exciting! I will probably look back on pictures of me from my sophomore year of college and wonder what in the world I was thinking wearing a Nascar T-shirt, but right now, it feels SO right.

Style is personal and it is individual to each person. It is empowering, liberating, and should never be taken too seriously. The confidence to wear any outfit, no matter what, is something I wish I could instill in every single person. There will always be external forces shoving false ideals in your face regarding what you should wear and how you should wear it, but my hope is that this generation of independent young people will ignore them. Put on whatever outfit makes you feel beautiful, fun, sexy, spunky, fashionable, or whatever you’re going for, and rock it. You will look great no matter what.