STYLE GURU STYLE: Do As The Italians Do

The Europeans do things a little differently when it comes to transitioning seasons and I learned this the hard way. When the temperatures hit 60, I pulled out my favorite dress and booties and took in the sunny spring weather. However, my joy was interrupted by odd stares from the locals. I later learned that Europeans dress for the month, not the season. So, not matter how warm it is during the month of March, the Italians will be in their puffer coats and scarves until April. A little bummed out, I took this knowledge and got a little inspiration from the Iro fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection and made my look European-approved and weather-appropriate.

I loved Iro’s casual, layered looks, perfect for fall with some great transitional items for spring. While I’m not quite ready to pull out my white pants as seen in the collection, I loved the use of leather in some looks and felt the material was perfect for a European-inspired ensemble. I chose my vegan leather leggings for the look because, as seen in Iro’s collection, they’re a heavier, cold-weather material, but have the ability to be dressed down and paired with a lighter-weight top.

Iro’s collection pairs leather pants with a gorgeous gray sweater and a draping coat. We saw the introduction of ponchos and draping pieces mid-fall and they kept their popularity throughout winter. These heavy, warm pieces were usually worn over chunky sweaters, long sleeves or turtle necks, but when adapting this into a spring look, it’s necessary to lighten up the layers. I wanted to incorporate a draping, oversized coat into my look because it gives off the cold weather appeal the Italians are going for, but the shorter sleeves and loose fit allow it to be worn in warmer weather.

It’s definitely hard sticking to the European style as the weather warms and you want to break out the skirts and tank tops, but let this classic, modest way of dressing inspire you to be creative with your heavier winter and fall wardrobe!

Get My Look: 1. An oversized cape. 2. A pair of vegan leather leggings. 3. Booties that can be worn year-round!