STYLE GURU STYLE: Designer Fashion At The Ready

Many fashion fanatics love to get swept away in the beauty of runway shows. They click through couture shows, swooning over embroidery and tulle, or they let their minds wander to faraway, exotic locations when the resort lines come out. I do love a good ball gown, but my favorite collections have always been the more realistic ready-to-wear lines. While couture collections have a fantastical feel to them, ready-to-wear lines often resemble clothing I could go buy at Macy’s or Zara. Sometimes there isn’t even a runway show and clicking through the looks feels more like shopping in a mail-order catalogue.

As you can tell, I love when designer fashion feels attainable. When I saw the Andre Walker fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I could tell that designer Andre Walker had a stylish but everyday woman in mind. The clothes were basic in the sense that the collection is full of turtlenecks, vests and long skirts. However, small vintage flourishes like sculpted collars, draping hemlines and dolman sleeves added an unusual and stylish flair. One of my favorite parts of the collection was that a hat and a simple pair of flat shoes accompanied each look. The model looked like someone you would see on her way to an office. It is the epitome of attainable designer fashion.

I used Andre Walker’s line as inspiration for today’s outfit. A pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a white lace tank top worked as a simple base. I added a long, sleeveless cardigan to add dimension, similar to the long hemlines Walker used in his collection. As an ode to Walker’s simple accessories, I wore flat leather sandals and a sun hat to finish off my outfit.

Ready-to-wear lines are a reminder that designer fashion doesn’t have to be unattainable. Even if you can’t afford to buy Andre Walker’s clothing, remember that successful designers like him are putting together looks that you can easily emulate with pieces you already own.

Get My Look: 1. Flat, leather sandals. 2. A simple sun hat. 3. A long, sleeveless cardigan.