May 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Denim is a fashion element for all seasons. It is always in the fashion trend and runway shows, especially this year it is back to the main stage within fashion. Denim was chosen from Madewell fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection as a key element. I love how the model has a midi denim skirt with a black and white striped T-shirt. You can have one denim piece on your outfit or you can have several. Unlike animal patterns, denim would not make people look too busy. Denim makes me feel fresh and energetic.

Today, I chose a midi denim skirt with a special cut and design. I love the midi skirt more than a mini skirt because even if you do not have the perfect body shape, midi length can help you cover up and it fits into any season. Similar to what the model is wearing, I chose a striped T-shirt with white and green colors. I feel that green is a spring color and makes people think of nature. I have an oversized trench coat to match my look. For accessories, I have a blue bracelet from Balenciaga that matches with my denim skirt and a black hat. A little detail could make you stand out among the crowd. Also, the mini backpack from MCM is amazing. It is cute and you can put a lot of things inside. To finish my look, I have a pair of beige leather ankle boots to match with my coat. It also makes me look chic and complete.

Get My Look: 1. A midi denim skirt. 2. An oversized trench coat. 3. A striped T-shirt. 4. High heel ankle boots.