STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim Redesigned

One of the top trends reported for fall 2016 is updated denim. Whether its patchwork, sequins or other embellishments, denim will make a statement for the season.

Recently I picked up this jacket from Zara and I cannot wait to get so much use out of it. I’ve always been obsessed with denim, but I love a statement denim jacket especially because it’s so easy to style. My favorite detail about this jacket is the detachable pink faux fur collar because it adds a touch of femininity to the rather masculine silhouette. Embellished denim is so easy to wear. As you can see, I paired it with a simple white tank top and denim skirt.

I am nowhere near getting rid of my choker obsession anytime soon. I added this gorgeous choker from Forever 21 and I think it’s a great element to add to this look. I teamed the outfit with my thigh high boots from Zara as well to take it to a higher fashion level, but for a more casual look it would look just as cute with sporty white sneakers.

Since I’ve started fashion school, I have been seeing all different types of unique styles, but one thing that I have seen the most of are denim jackets as a layering piece. Denim jackets will definitely be a constant in my wardrobe for the following weeks as it gets a little chillier and I can’t wait to see all the fashion followers around my campus in their own version of this layering trend for fall.