STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim, Booties and Tights, Oh My!

Deciding to come to college in Boston was definitely one of the best decisions I made thus far. I’ve gotten to live a different type of fashion style transitioning from summer to fall, which is something I never got to experience living in Florida. The array of styles that make their way down the streets of Boston and around my campus are inspiring to me. For this month’s post, I decided to focus on some of the trends I’ve been seeing the most around campus.

First off, can we talk about how jean jackets are making a comeback this fall? Heck yeah! I’ve been a jean jacket lover since the early childhood days when I rocked the same jean jacket for days. This time though, I decided to invest in a jean jacket with a bit of a twist. The jacket I bought was hand painted, and comes with a quote I personalized myself to add a hipster feel to any outfit that I choose to wear this jacket with. In these images, I decided to wear my jean jacket with my black button-up bodysuit. I feel like wearing neutral colors with any jean jacket fits best because that way you won’t crowd your outfit with too many distracting colors or details in your look. I think jean jackets are a great piece of clothing to wear for fall.

Next up, tights of any color have been making their way around my campus this past month or so. Even though it has already started to get cold up north, girls have been keeping up with making their outfits more chic and creative, which inspired me to want to join in on the fun. Choosing a solid color of tights, a pair of shorts or a skirt and a cute top makes your outfit different than any other one on campus. Here, I decided to wear my black colored tights with simple black silk shorts. Another type of style I’ve seen worn around town are fishnet tights and ripped jeans giving your look a raw and hardcore vibe.

Lastly, ending your outfit with a good pair of shoes makes a statement. As I’ve previously stated on my other articles, booties are my go to shoes. They are such a simple shoe to wear with any type of outfit. Depending whether you are a person that likes a little bit of a heel to their shoe or a simple heel to it, booties will be the perfect fit for that missing piece of your outfit. Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses or jumpsuits, add booties to them and off you go!

Though this is my last post for fall, stay tuned with my articles. Join me for spring semester as I experience another change of style to my wardrobe and experience new style trends in bean town!