STYLE GURU STYLE: Definitively Denim

One of the biggest trends in Tommy Hilfiger’s pre-fall 2016 collection was denim. Whether it be dark or light, a jacket or pants, this fabric was seen throughout many of Tommy Hilfiger’s looks and in the collections of other designers as well.

The reason for this recurrence is simple—versatility. Denim is a fabric that comes in many different colors and can easily be added into any look, day or night.

This is a very important quality for outfits especially at this time of year. These late winter-early spring weeks can vary in temperature and weather quality. The day can start off without a cloud in the sky and end in a downpour. This is exactly why versatility within style trends is so crucial right now.

Taking from this inspiration, I applied two different denims into my look, mixing and matching them to create a style easily translatable from the runway. My chambray top is essential to my wardrobe and acts as a neutral for me most days. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and is light enough to not bulk under a jacket or vest on cooler days. The black jeans I added create dimension within the same fabric, which is enhanced by the faded aspect in the shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger’s pre-fall 2016 looks can translate so well into anyone’s everyday look, and that is totally thanks to the denim takeover.

Get My Look: 1. Chambray top. 2. Colored scarf. 3. Boots.