This past fall semester I took my first apparel design class. Each week my teacher encouraged us to openly discuss what we liked or didn’t like about the newly released spring 2015 collections. I distinctly remember watching the Stella McCartney ready-to-wear runway show because of my classmates’ harsh reactions to the denim dress designs. Each dress in the collection features a fitted bodice with a long flowing skirt made from a light effeminate fabric with masculine elements. In addition to the designer’s use of oversized belt buckles, it would seem per my class discussion that the ready-to-wear industry may not be ready for denim to come back just yet.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of denim. I remember getting teased for wearing a denim vest in middle school. Why is this particular material, used for one of the most widely accepted and mass-produced retail products in the world (denim jeans), so disliked in any other fashion? While wearing the denim dress featured above I came to a few simple conclusions.

One, denim is hot. Strolling around campus on a June evening in this dress was like walking around wrapped in a thick blanket. Another conclusion is that denim is not figure flattering. I had the hardest time being photographed in this garment because of it’s boxy shape. But, I can’t help myself. I still like denim. Apart from the sweat and tears caused by my modeling frustrations, the fabric photographed well and was easy to style. The material itself added a tough but playful element to my ensemble and there was some comfort in knowing my skirt wasn’t going to suddenly blow up and expose me when the next stiff breeze came along.

Whether we like it or not, denim is here to stay. I dare you to denim, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Include a denim piece in your next ensemble and decide for yourself if denim is #rad!

Get My Look: 1. Light black infinity scarf. 2. Snakeskin heels. 3. Cat-eye sunglasses. 4. Simple tote.