STYLE GURU STYLE: Crushed Velvet

Saint Laurent fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is absolutely stunning. It is definitely the one that was talked about a lot and for good reasons. It mixes this rock & roll feel with timeless silhouettes. This line is so grunge and chic. Leather jackets, leather ripped pants, chokers, beautiful classic blazers, a lot of black eyeliner and that blood red lipstick all come together in this edgy collection.

I was inspired to add some grunge to my everyday wardrobe. Since most of the time I go for a classic black/gray/white look, I wanted to add a little kick to my outfit. I wore my favorite slightly oversized black dress and a crushed velvet blazer on top of it. This blazer is my absolute favorite thing in my closet right now, and it added that rebel feel I was going after. It makes any simple look stand out and is so glamorous and comfortable.

For my accessories, I wore my favorite silver chain that I wear most days. I think this accessory is so versatile, and you can’t go wrong with a silver chain. Black sunglasses and black leather loafers go perfectly with the outfit and add that Saint Laurent feel to my look. A stylish brown and black clutch adds a pop of color. I absolutely love this print because it reminds me of little pizza slices in a more glamorous form. Last but not least, I finished this look with red lips and some black eyeliner.

Get My Look: 1. Start with a little black dress. 2. Put a velvet blazer on. 3. Add some black loafers.