STYLE GURU STYLE: Crush the Velvet

February 14th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Crush the Velvet

One of the greatest fashion trends of 2016 has won a spot in my closet as we are in the new year: velvet. As most runways and clothing lines have modeled, this insanely popular fabric has made its official comeback. Originally popular in the ’70s and ’90s, our generation draws inspiration from these eras of (both better and worse) fashion. Along with chokers, high socks, and metallic fabrics, these once-again-refreshing pieces build millennial style to become a riveting era of its own.

The outfit pictured above served as my look for clinking champagne glasses as we entered the first minute of 2017. Sporting a crushed velvet turtleneck dress paired with suede platform thigh high boots made the night feel as though it was ’72, and I completely loved it. The goofy shape of the platform shoes added a lot of character to the silhouette of the look. Even the minor detail of the heels being cylinder rather than block-like, added a novel touch that I’d recommend to anyone.

Moving on to the key element of the ensemble: the dress. A velvet turtleneck dress was a piece I never thought I’d be able to wear confidently. Buying it online (during a sale—always a plus!), I had no clue what to expect. Once it arrived, I fell in love with the effect of the crushed velvet. Although velvet itself is already a compelling fabric, seeking out for the crushed effect is worth its result. While flattering the figure in a more interesting fashion, it adds so much character to any look.

Perfect for the winter season, I suggest anyone to rock velvet while the winter season calls for it. Whether it is a dress, bodysuit, or anything at all… I have one piece of advice I feel couldn’t go wrong: Crush the velvet!