October 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Weather changes are some of the most common issues New Yorkers must deal with, and particularly us Fashionistas. Especially during the transition between summer and fall, when the temperature can drop to the 50s and rapidly ascend to almost 70 by noon. It’s days like those when we struggle to decide between a coat or a jean jacket, long pants or a skirt with stockings, a jumper or a dress. It’s also in such days when we take risks, try different looks and just be adventurous.

This time I got some inspiration from the Coachella fashion trends, where crochet is fairly common. I paired this see-through Forever 21 white top with green shorts to give the look a pop of color, and my forever favorite pair of Steve Madden gladiator sandals (which will most likely be stored in my closet until next year.)

Now I must say that at first I would associate crochet with grandmothers knitting on their rocking chairs on a Sunday afternoon, but once again fashion proved me wrong and allowed me to see that crochet can also be sexy. To accessorize some more I added a pair of custom made flower earrings courtesy of mom (possible new entrepreneur opportunity happening there?), the long earrings being another popular trend in the last New York Fashion Week. Last but not least, I can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans to protect my eyes from the UV rays, but also to add that touch of cool to this and any outfit.

As per usual I encourage all my fellow Fashionistas to keep exploring new trends and expressing their creativity through their clothes. Keep rocking and stay glamorous!