STYLE GURU STYLE: Crazy About Patterns

This past week the Midwest has really gotten a taste of summer. With the warm weather approaching, summer fashion is blooming all around us. I was thrilled when I saw the spring 2015 Max Mara collection. The fashion show screamed style, with the crazy prints, unforgettable accessories and fabulous color choices; this show was truly an inspiration to my summer wardrobe. I couldn’t wait to put together a look that resembled the superb collection.

The Max Mara collection proved that prints and patterns are hot. For this outfit, I chose to emulate one of my personal favorite looks from this collection. When I dress, I tend to lean more towards the neutral color scheme. With this look, I was able to stick to my gut about dressing in neutrals while still finding a way to make my outfit stand out from the crowd. The collection gave a taste of both bright colors and neutrals. I wanted to stick with the print trend but instead of wearing a printed skirt, I took the idea of printed bottoms and decided to wear printed pants. The pants still give off the same feeling for the look but make it more street style appropriate. To make the outfit more summer ready, I went with an off the shoulder white top. I wanted to stick to reflecting the look as much as possible with a white top but I also wanted to make sure I had a taste of my personality by wearing a fun top.

Although the prints and patterns contributed in making this collection pop, I was truly inspired by the use of hats. I have always been unsure about when to wear hats but this collection gave me the push I needed to rock it. Although the hats in the collection are printed, a summer hat, just like mine, can still give you the fabulous Max Mara look. I was truly excited to be able to convey such a unique runway look into a street style outfit that reflects my personality. It is such an easy way to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A fun pair of summer wedges. 2. A pair of fun patterned pants. 3. And of course, any summer hat!