STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Winterlude

February 10th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Winterlude

One of the biggest challenges about living in Canada is layering up during the winter, trust me. Winter in Canada is so unpredictable and disgusting, so layering up is something you definitely have to learn how to do. When I mean layering up, I’m talking in a fashionable way.

Layering up in the winter is definitely one of the most frustrating things ever but I’m here to show you how I look #RAD even in cold weather. Being cozy during the winter is definitely a must for me, so I always make sure before leaving the house I feel warm and comfortable as much as possible.

I have a thing for embroidered jeans if you’ve noticed from my Style Guru Bio, so for this look I started it off by wearing a regular black top on a embroidered mom jean which can come up as a pretty simple look at the start.

The look started coming together after I brought in a pointy toe heeled bootie, which started to make the outfit “pop” by giving it a chic look. To finish up my look, I wore a long wool camel coat that finally gave it the cozy feel and who doesn’t love a camel coat? I feel everyone has one in their closet! For a cozier feel, I also wrapped around an oversize wool scarf wrapped around my neck and the coat. To complement the look, I went in with a black leather clutch to store some quick housekeeping items.