STYLE GURU STYLE: Covered in Cargo

September 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

As summer comes to an end, it becomes difficult to say goodbye to shorts, skirts and dresses. However, until the snow begins to fall, it is still possible to incorporate weather-appropriate items into your autumn attire. After looking back at Ralph Lauren’s spring 2015 collection I thought it would be fun to incorporate some cargo into my fall wardrobe.  While Ralph Lauren used subtle, silk pops of color, I chose to stick with a more neutral palette to coordinate with the seasonal colors.

In my outfit, I took Ralph Lauren’s obsession with khaki and cargo for my main piece. Cinched at the waist, this dress is loose but still gives you a shape. Its long sleeves are perfect for fall and allow me to wear a dress in September. For chillier days, layering a light blue or purple cardigan over the dress will add additional warmth to your outfit. Paired with the dress, I chose my chestnut brown tote. Totes are the perfect thing to bring to class because you can fit your laptop, pens and notebook all in here and can skip the backpack. For shoes, I went with an open toe sandal that had a slight wedge heel. The color of my shoes coordinates with the tote, creating a cohesive flow through my outfit. Finally, as a personal touch, I wore my favorite Kate Spade ring. The simplicity of design and color allows it to go with any outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A khaki cargo dress. 2. A brown tote bag. 3. Open toe wedge heels.