STYLE GURU STYLE: Cool And Collected

One thing that living in California has taught me is how to tow the line between relaxation and put-togetherness. It would seem that living somewhere that experiences summer approximately eight months of the year, you’d see nothing but flip flops and bikinis being worn. However, after almost two years of residing out here, I’ve been consistently amazed at how Angelenos manage to dress both professionally and stylishly despite the perpetual heat. I usually look to style role models of mine, like Julie Sariñana of the Los Angeles-based fashion blog, Sincerely, Jules for this type of effortless California uniform. This blogger in particular is an expert on elevating a pair of vintage Levi’s 501 cut-offs with dressier pieces.

It’s true that this state has a pretty stereotypically laid back style to it, but what I find the most interesting is how people still manage to look polished without losing any of that. I found the answer to all my sartorial prayers in the Kenzo Spring 2015 show. The collection featured breezy and oversized silhouettes in light-as-a-feather materials like satin and linen. I’m slightly obsessed with almost all of these looks, but I chose this one to recreate because I love the way the boxy denim is combined with the white blouse. The look is definitely relaxed but with an air of polish–as if the wearer could stride right into the office at any point.

I typically wear my denim cutoffs with something more casual, but after seeing this collection I’m fascinated with the idea of dressing up those summer wardrobe staples of mine that are usually reserved for lazy Saturdays. Taking a cue from the Kenzo looks, I paired a simple blouse and girly oxfords with my denim shorts. Something tells me that I will be living in these types of breezy shirts when the temperatures really start to heat up. And with summer internships in mind, being able to dress the part without dying of heatstroke is a skill that I am still trying to master. Luckily with the help of a little runway inspiration à la this Kenzo collection, my summer uniform will leave me feeling calm, cool and collected despite whatever type of high heat, humidity or workload may be thrown my way.

Get My Look: 1. A breezy linen button-down shirt. 2. Vintage denim cutoff shorts. 3. Feminine flats or oxford shoes.