STYLE GURU STYLE: Contemporary Classics

May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

When fashion week rolls around it is really easy to hit up and search the hottest brands on the market and pass over all of the others. I have recently tried to view and research other brands that I am unaware of and the fall 2015 show for Tibi caught my eye and helped inspire my wardrobe with classic pieces I already owned. There are multiple elements of this runway show that really captured me, from the silhouettes of classic pieces to the color and fabric choices and the overall design aesthetic of the garments working cohesively in the collection.

Living on a college budget as a lover of fashion is no piece of cake, but transforming the classic pieces I already own into a fashion-forward look is a win win. Trending for womenswear lately we have seen larger, boxier silhouettes with tasteful details. Amy Smilovic, designer of Tibi, incorporated these contemporary trends suitably into classic garments such as crew neck and turtleneck sweaters, button-up woven tops and pencil leg pants.

The idea of contemporary classics is strongly demonstrated by a neutral color palette mixed with suede, leather, cottons and knits. These fabrics are all necessary in a wardrobe within your classic pieces. I also really appreciate the color palette due to my obsession with neutrals and newly found obsession with blush pink and the mixing of black and a navy blue. These color combinations are very much contemporary and keep a classic look staying within a neutral palette.

The overall style of Tibi gives me new inspiration of how to pull together my classic pieces and larger silhouette garments to create this European-inspired contemporary classic look to help me style on!

Get My Look: 1. An oversized collarless short coat. 2. A white button-down tunic. 3. A multi-length colored sweater tank.