STYLE GURU STYLE: Concrete Runway

November 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

Virgil Abloh has been on the forefront of the new wave of high-fashion streetwear that has stormed the scene in recent years. These labels incorporate the creativity and artistry of high fashion with the functionality of streetwear to produce wearable pieces while still carrying some of the same grandeur. Abloh’s fall 2015 collection featured the unique takes on standard streetwear articles like military M-65 jackets. Another aspect incorporated was the wide-brimmed structured fedora. The accessory has been a trend on both men and women, as it adds personal flavor to any look. The collection embodies the idea of streetwear’s versatility, pairing articles with unconventional matches like a fedora. Today’s look was inspired by the unique pairing of the fedora to accompany the street ensemble as it is translated with a more contemporary approach.

Streetwear’s rise to prominence in the fashion world has been undoubtedly felt. With celebrity and social media, the fashion landscape has begun to change at an even faster rate. Bomber jackets, fishtail parkas, long shirts and many more articles of clothing seen in fashion have become universal symbols of the street culture as it has been a growing presence in the fashion industry. Its functionality and edgy aesthetic have made street style incredibly desirable. It has been the center of integration in fashion, taking inspiration from many design houses.

With this in mind, streetwear’s longevity has derived from its versatility and ability to integrate. Sportswear has been growing in fashion with the likes of Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 performance wear launch and John Elliot’s premium sweats. Designer collaborations with sportswear brands have graced the streets with a different approach to street style in recent years. Whether it is the likes of Raf Simons with adidas or Riccardo Tisci with Nike, the grand scope of designers have changed in the eyes of the consumer. The integration aspect is present everywhere in street culture embodying its ideals. A typical ensemble could consist of a designer statement piece, distressed denim and athletic sneakers and that has become widely accepted in the realm of streetwear.

Get My Look: 1. Hoodie. 2. Denim. 3. Sneakers. 4. Fedora.