STYLE GURU STYLE: Comfort in the Commute

“But I’m a poor college student.” We’ve been exposed to that phrase in one way or another. It seems like time isn’t on our side when we have to make decisions from the moment you reach out your hand to turn your alarm clock off. It’s my first time commuting to school and the luxury of rolling out of bed, scrambling to find an outfit, and being able to run to class can’t be done when I have leave the house at a set time in order to beat traffic. This outfit formula will be a big help when you’re rushing out the door.

Lilia Poustovit’s, a Ukrainian designer who launched her brand in 1998, style in her fall 2016 collection is etherial grunge on the go. She’s known for her use of prints and contrasting textures. In her collection, each look has a sense of elegance, purity despite the heaviness of outerwear and lack of structure. Her collection spoke to me and challenged me to push my borders of the business-wear status quo.

Wouldn’t it be great to actually roll out of bed in your pajamas, throw on a jacket, and walk out the door? After all as students, cutting down means optimizing our time. The outfit I pulled together was something I desperately needed when my outfits during the week all involved jeans. Poustovit’s Look 19 feels relaxed, yet polish and professional. Her collection inspired my look to dress up a pair of sweatpants with not only a pair of heels, but how to layer pieces that I could wear to work. The sheerness of the striped crop top and the sliver of midriff drew from weightless texture of Look 19’s dress. By having the blush lining beneath, the look was made conservative, yet contained a hint of promiscuity in the sheer space between the embroidered flowers. I chose the tweed blazer because the mood of the crop top and sweatpants is “casual chill,” but once the blazer was added it created a whole different ambiance of refinement. It was the contrast of Poustovit’s overcoat against the blouse that inspired me to combine contrasting elements. I believe in investing in a staple blazer such as the one in my outfit because it dresses up any basic piece that’s hanging around in your closet.

Get My Look: 1. Blazer. 2. Crop top.. 3. Sweatpants. 4. Earrings.