STYLE GURU STYLE: Colorless Couture

Recently, Bouchra Jarrar’s spring 2015 couture collection took the runway by storm. The collection is edgy and unique with plenty of zippers, patterns, materials and even fur. The pieces are classy but not particularly feminine. Many of the looks are loose fitting with a sleek, polished appeal similar to that of a male suit. I absolutely love the aura around this collection. It has a sense of power and really makes a bold statement. The entire collection is black and white. Color is fun, but a classic black and white look is my favorite. Black and white is a timeless look. There’s always beauty to be found in the basics.

Today, I tried to recreate the Bouchra Jarrar runway look with a casual twist. I picked out my favorite white and black basics and then added my gray combat boots and cargo jacket to add some minor contrast and slight variety to my color scale. Lately, I’ve really been into the styled grunge look, so the destroyed black jeans really added some extra detail to pieces that were rather simple. A few accessories also helped to bring my outfit together. I chose some silver jewelry pieces that matched well with the black and white basics and the overall theme of the outfit. The silver chain necklace is one of my favorite accessories because it’s edgy and can be incorporated into many different kinds of looks. The silver statement ring is also a piece I wear on a regular basis.

This spring 2015 show inspired me to be bold. You don’t always have to look super feminine to feel fashionable. Recently, there have been many popular styles that are extremely casual, grunge, baggy and dark, and they’re all beautiful. Remember that by pairing and layering a lot of basic pieces, you can create a complex look that is comfortable and looks great. While detail, accessories, prints and color are fun, they’re not always necessary to build an outfit that looks good and makes you feel good.

Get My Look: 1. Destroyed black jeans. 2. Simple white blouse. 3. Cargo jacket.