The recent runway show from Chanel was one for the books. There were four main colors used in the collection; black, white, dark red and blue. The Chanel fall 2015 collection definitely caught my eye because I wear black every single day, and having Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne as models helps, too. The monochromatic flow throughout each piece was pleasing to see because most people wear these four colors in everyday life. There were so many different textures and patterns involved, it never gets old to look at. Most believe that you need a pop of color to stand out, but thanks to the Chanel runway show we see that it’s not all about the pop of color, but more of having something subtle that coincides with the main color palette in the outfit.

So today I tried to adopt some of these tricks. I have on mostly black, but for a change I wore a long, dark red plaid shirt that can scrunch in the midsection. Normally, I would just wear a loose fitting black T-shirt with the rest of my black outfit. I went with a layered look with a white T-shirt underneath the plaid top for extra contrast. My coat, jeans and shoes all stayed in my comfort zone of black. I decided to accessorize with my favorite key chains, a fluffy ball in baby pink.

The fall 2015 collection has motivated me to change not only my color palette but the try out different textures and patterns. It’s subtle yet chic and a trend that will stick around forever.

Get My Look: 1. A plaid textured shirt. 2. Perfect black jeans. 3. Leather coat.