STYLE GURU STYLE: CollegeFashionista Evolution

The time has finally come for my very last CollegeFashionista article! My LinkedIn let me know that I just celebrated two years at this amazing platform, and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. Not only has my writing evolved, but so has my style.

My very first STYLE GURU BIO featured this pink blazer. I used to describe my style as very classic, and I think that it still partially is. Now though, I’m not afraid of a low-cut crop top. I think that we should embrace our bodies, and I honestly got tired of constantly trying to hide mine. Be proud of your body, and flaunt it.

I also wear a lot more pink now. I never thought that I would be a pink person, but it started when I bought a pink blazer. A black blazer can come off too strong sometimes, and a nice pink one softens up your entire look. I even started wearing pink lipstick. This MAC matte lipstick in “Have Your Cake” was actually gifted to me as part of a CollegeFashionista Valentine’s Day gift exchange. I always get compliments whenever I wear it. I was worried that it was too bright for me, but I realized that it matched my personality perfectly. I also got into the choker trend. I made my own with materials from the dollar store. This pink bejeweled ribbon was the perfect choice for me.

One of the greatest fashion lessons I’ve learned from CollegeFashionista is to not be afraid of mixing colors. I might be wearing green metallic nail polish with my all-pink outfit, but I feel like I’m totally rocking it. Maybe I feel this way because the colors are a bit mermaid-like. Who doesn’t want to secretly be a mermaid?

I even finished this outfit by wearing ripped jeans. You usually won’t find me in destroyed denim because, as my friends describe always say, “you are so well put together” but I love these jeans. They make me feel confident, and that confidence makes me stand taller.

Thank you to CollegeFashionista for giving me such amazing opportunities as a Style Guru and as a Senior Editor. I love my CollegeFashionista Guru Gang so much.