STYLE GURU STYLE: Coachella Confidence

Spring break has come and gone, but the fun is just starting. April signals the arrival of music festival season. A time when friends come together, bonding over sleepless nights, blaring music, and new band obsessions. Going to school in Los Angeles has a lot of perks, one of them being only three hours away from Coachella Valley.

Between Coachella and Stagecoach, L.A. has been charged with a sense of excitement but also of unrest. Melrose is packed with festival goers trying to find the “perfect outfit,” and all the big name retailers are displaying seasonal lines of festival wear.

Music festivals should be spotlighted by its musical acts, but fashion refuses to take a back seat. This year, I am lucky enough to be attending Coachella, and here are some tips I’ve learned in my preparations.

My tip for you, Fashionistas, is this: anything goes at a music festival. Wear what you want, be with who you want, and as long as you are enjoying yourself, it’s a win. The weekend-long event will be your judgement-free zone to try new trends or styles. It is the perfect occasion to showcase your creativity and personality.

Here, I am wearing a tulle dress from Zara with a one-piece swimsuit underneath. Tulle is a light material; the weight and length of this dress will blow with the wind, trailing behind you as you strut towards your new favorite band. If you are looking to show some skin but afraid to show too much, this see-through dress simultaneously provides a sense of coverage and hints at what is hidden. I have chosen a cut-out monokini in a similar color scheme to match the outer layer. Cool colors, partnered with the flowy silhouette of this outfit, allude to a carefree personality.

Once you have your clothes picked out, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Don’t be afraid to be bold, jewelry can pull an outfit together and transition the look to another level. Try a statement necklace with more details if you are wearing a low neckline. Bangles and rings are also great ways to embellish an outfit. I am wearing a hand-made, sterling silver ring shaped to represent the element air. This is further matched with a bronze bracelet set with turquoise, and a cultural necklace decorated with stones and jewels.

Whatever you end up wearing this festival season, as long as the outfit is enhanced by an aura of happiness and confidence, everyone will see you for the Fashionista you are.