STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic with A Chance of Embellishment

I have been a long-time fan of every look that kate spade sends strutting down the runway. From the quirky accessories, to the fun printed dresses and classic silhouettes with a subtle twist, nearly every piece created is a work of art. The spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection has to be one of my favorites to date, simply because the entire collection is inspired by an adventure to the world’s most beautiful places. I love that ,unlike most of their collections, Deborah Lloyd, Chief Creative Officer of the brand, chose to maintain a simplistic theme with a splash of excitement here and there. It was just enough to set the collection apart from others, while still holding on to the classic, ’60s silhouettes.

That being said, I decided to create a look that translated just that: a classic, sophisticated look that includes hints of fun details and embellishments here and there. Although Kate Spade is known for their way with color and fun prints, they also do a fabulous job at creating timeless pieces in neutral colors for those who aren’t so daring in their fashion choices. The look I chose to create embodies that woman: one who chooses to make a statement with little details and a twist on the classic silhouette, rather than with a bold color or pattern.

Here, I paired a nude peplum top with black knit joggers and a white and black polka-dot cardigan. For my accessories, I felt the need to maintain the classic theme, and therefore wore pearls layered with a simple statement necklace that added just enough sparkle to make a statement in an understated way. I also chose to keep my shoes and handbag clean and simple with a pair of plain black ballet flats (Tory Burch is my favorite!) and my most-coveted gray Prada tote.  This look is both chic and comfortable, making it perfect for running errands, going to class or spending time with some friends.

Get My Look: 1. Nude peplum top. 2. Black Joggers. 3. Polka-dot cardigan. 4. Plain black ballet flats 5. Pearl necklace.