STYLE GURU STYLE: Classic in Black

The spring semester for most schools is coming to an end quickly. Summer vacation plans are happening and, of course, stressing over grades and final exams. With all that is going on toward the final stretch, we forget about our clothes. This is where basics come in because you can jazz them up or down and still come out with a fantastic outfit. The fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection by Oak took basics to the next level. The collection was inspired by basic, staple items taken to another level. Most of the collection could have been worn by either gender so nobody is left out.

When wearing basic items, the key idea is to not go overboard with the accessories and to be simple. Exaggerate the silhouette with pieces that elongate the body or show off a certain feature. Playing with oversized items with fitted pieces also works because it just gives an edge to the rather average clothing items. Oak used mostly dark colors in their collection that gave it more of a timeless finish. A go-to color that always works is black. Black may seem boring but when working with basic pieces, black actually will make the items look timeless and, instead of basic, a staple. My favorite look that inspired me was look eight. It was an all black look with a black leather jacket, a black T-shirt, a large gray scarf and ankle-cut trousers paired with white sneakers. I took my favorite black trousers and transformed them into an ankle cut and found pieces that mimicked the look with the exception of the gray scarf replaced with a white floral infinity scarf.

Basics are the best thing in anyone’s closet when they are used to their full potential. All of the looks from Oak can be worn when you just want to have a simple outfit with some edge. Don’t be scared to wear the basics.They are just as fun as the bold pieces.

Get My Look: 1. A black leather jacket. 2. A pair of ankle-cut trousers. 3. A nice black T-shirt.