STYLE GURU STYLE: Chic in the City

Living up to the title “Fashionista,” I do have a variety of styles that I love to embrace. The alluring look, the soft and subtle look, the chic and contemporary look, and every other look in between. Since the sun is coming out, and it’s time to show a little skin, I let chic meet alluring, and went with this look (hence the title, “Chic in the City.” Like how I did that?).

Standing at a sky-scraping five feet and two inches, I always make sure that I style myself in pieces that will flatter and accentuate my petite frame. The center of this look is my off-the-shoulder pinstripe dress. This particular dress has a round-cut hem that elongates my legs. The peep of my shoulders, along with the long length of the sleeves, makes for a sultry, yet classy look. I paired this dress with lace-up black heels that are super fun and elegant! To add some charm, I added silver bracelets to my wrists. To match, I wore a pair of oversize hoop earrings. Lastly, just to up the Beverly Hills effect, I topped off my look with these ever so cute mirrored sunglasses. This way, you can get a glimpse of all the boys doing a double take at your outfit, but to them, you look unbothered (thank me later).

This look is one of my favorites because it is perfect for a girl’s day out or even a brunch date with your significant other! So, go out on a rendezvou, and strut like you’re on Rodeo Drive. From me to you, keep it cute, classy, and chic in the city!