Lately, it has become more obvious that the air is getting a little colder, my classes are becoming under-populated and the sun sets even earlier; where has the semester gone? Despite fall’s quickening pace, the monotonous strain of classes and repetitive daily routines can often get the best of us. After a long day of the daily grind, I enjoy escaping for a few hours (usually many) by turning on a new TV show. Everyone has their favorite; for some, it’s Scandal, while others might enjoy The Walking Dead. One thing is for sure, if it’s on Netflix it’s being binge-watched by millions of college-aged procrastinators.

Currently, I’m obsessed with Scream Queens. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to replicate my favorite character’s style when I become obsessed with a new TV show, especially if the character has great taste. The Queen Bee of Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel Oberlin, is my major fashion inspiration as of late. Her preppy style with a high-fashion edge is evocative of none other than the Chanel brand; this comes as no surprise considering she claims to receive a new wardrobe from “Uncle Karl” (that’s right, Karl Lagerfeld) annually.

Naturally, I found further inspiration from the Chanel fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. I embraced Lagerfeld’s dark and provocative color palette, as well as the use of multi-textural layering and unconventional, yet glamorous, accessory pieces. This collection screams femininity with classic Chanel silhouettes, while adding an interest factor with dazzling accessories. The brilliance of this collection is that it is a modern twist on an overwhelmingly classic style. When I consider what the Chanel brand evokes, my mind instantly turns to this collection.

Translating this into my own look, I incorporated the dark color palette by way of my black tights and midnight sapphire skirt. Then, I created a rich layered look with the use of a billowy and classic, white button-down and a heather gray sweater thrown on top. I kept the button-down buttoned up to create a more polished Chanel-esque look, which also allowed me to pair it with a dainty statement necklace. The necklace adds just enough sparkle without overwhelming the complex layering. For a final touch, I added a knit pom-pom beanie in the same shade of gray as my sweater. Of course, you can’t forget the shoes. I opted for an ankle utilitarian boot in black, so as to not detract from my outfit’s color scheme.

Contrary to what you may think, it’s not essential for you to own a complete Chanel wardrobe in order to make it look like you’re constantly wearing Chanel. Think classy and timeless with your own personal edge, and you’re halfway there. Just remember to never sacrifice your personal style; always incorporate yourself into the mix!

Get My Look: 1. Gray sweater. 2. White button-down. 3. Crystal statement necklace.