STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual Made Chic

STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual Made Chic

From my eight short months of college so far, there is one thing I know to be undeniably true: college students never stop moving. From early morning classes to late night study sessions in the library, jobs, internships all the way across the city, extracurriculars and everything in between, a sweet moment of calm is a much desired rarity amongst college students.

At the beginning of my college experience, this new idea of needing one outfit to correspond with each new busy schedule overwhelmed me. How does one craft a universal outfit that can be worn everywhere, no matter the occasion? At first, my answer to this question was complicated, so I would begin each day reaching for casual outfits, which lacked character and didn’t allow me to flaunt my personal style. However, as the months of college have sped by, I believe I have mastered the act of making the universal college look appear chic.

Nowadays, instead of dressing in dull clothing items, I reach for simple and clean fashion favorites packed with character, which never fail to revamp my casual campus style to appear polished.

In this look I paired some of my most comfortable and reliable, but still trendy, items to take me along a day overloaded with class, sorority events, extracurriculars, and meetings. First, I put on a semi-sheer black and white striped button-down blouse thrifted from Local Honey with a lacy black bralette to add some class and style to my outfit. Then I opted for a pair of loose boyfriend jeans from vintage J. Crew, because they are a lot more comfortable to walk in than skinny jeans and they add a lot more personality to the outfit. Lastly, I slipped on a pair of loafers from Forever 21 and my favorite dainty necklace from Nordstrom BP.

Is the perpetually busy college lifestyle getting you down? If so, don’t let it affect your style. From one Fashionista to another, the perfect comprehensive look is just in reach! Just throw together some of your favorite fashion basics, and most comfortable pieces, and you’ll have a foolproof outfit to conquer college in, while still looking chic.