March 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

Curious as to how you should be wearing a maxi dress in 2017? Casual kicks are your answer; they’re the perfect statement item to give your outfit an easy yet put together feel. Right now Adidas are my go-to. They’re simple but still trendy enough to stimulate a carefree look. If you thought maxi dresses were old news, think again. They’re truly such buildable garments. In fact, their easy ability to be dressed up or dressed down is my favorite part about them.

I chose a blush pleated maxi dress that I found in my closet from way back when from Forever 21 (#bless). It still accentuates the body so nicely, balancing out a tight top and flowy bottom half with deep slits that elongate all while creating some of that edge we all know and love. The small cutouts on the straps and crisscross back are my favorite captivating components that also add that little something extra.

As you can see, I’ve tied off the slits at the bottom of the dress. This generates a bold yet unique appearance that allows your choice of shoe to be emphasized. In my case, I was really going for a relaxed look, hence my hype on those “casual kicks.” Finally, I added a sleek black choker to top everything off.

This relaxed daytime look can easily transform into an outfit for a night out on the town. Take off the casual kicks and slip into some chunky wedges. Add a jean jacket to make a louder statement since the details of the kicks are no longer there, and the night shall be yours.