STYLE GURU STYLE: Casual and Monochromatic

I find it difficult to not start my posts by talking about the weather. The outfit you wear on any given day depends greatly on the weather, so it just makes sense to discuss the temperature, right? I’ve refrained from discussing the weather in my most recents posts, but I can’t ignore it in this one. After all, it’s 60 degrees in December. It’s 60 degrees in December in Pittsburgh, PA, and I don’t know how to handle this. I recently ordered a beautiful new coat from Topshop, but I would probably melt if I tried to wear it right now. In lieu of wearing my new coat, I’ve opted for a simple black sweater, with patterned jeans and little booties.

Carolina Herrera’s pre-fall 2016 collection was major inspiration for my look. Her collection was filled with solid black pieces which were complemented by something with a more exciting black and white print. One look with a simple black top and a patterned mini skirt was especially appealing to me, but I actually don’t like wearing skirts that much. I’ll wear them on weekends, but wearing skirts to class often spells disaster. By wearing my patterned Topshop jeans, I was able to keep the color scheme of the Carolina Herrera look, but adapt it to better suit my personal style. My oversized black sweater is a more casual take on the top in the original look. It’s still December after all, so I didn’t want to stray too far from my usual winter wardrobe. This sweater is beyond comfortable, and as someone who is always cold, this sweater is light weight but warm and provides the best of both worlds.

As for my accessories, I went with simple jewelry with clean lines. My silver earrings are my current favorites and I love how casual and understated they are. I opted for gold rings, since I prefer the way they look with this outfit. My gold bracelet just barely fits on my wrist, but I thought it was a nice addition to the outfit. My black booties are very casual, but I find that I need at least a small heel in any shoe I wear. These boots are a lighter alternative to my usual platforms, but they still give me good height. I rounded out the look with a black backpack, which is the perfect accessory for on-the-go finals week studying.

Get My Look: 1. Black and white patterned pants. 2. Black sweater. 3. Black boots.