Hello, Style Gurus, Fashionistas and Fashionistos across the web! Today I am here to talk about me. Just me. Me, myself and I. I feel like I sound like Regina George, but I promise you, I am nothing like her. Talking about myself will actually be rather difficult. I will try to describe my style the best I can, so strap on your seat belt. It’ll be a bumpy ride!

This outfit is a typical outfit I would wear when the temperature drops. Perfect for those whose cities are living comfortably in fall like weather! (Sadly mine isn’t.) The sweater I am wearing is a light caramel sweater. It’s actually a really big sweater that reaches close to my knees. I decided to tuck it into my denim skirt to show my shape. I really love mixing lengths. A baggy sweater with a skirt is one of my favorite looks to wear. To keep a bit of warmth, I added black paisley tights to give my look a bit of contrast and a bit of edge.

Something that I’ve learned and love to do is adding socks or tights with wedges and heels. Lately, there has been a trend of wearing socks, whether they be plain or funky, with heels and sneakers. That preppy Gossip Girl look is back in style, and I am all for it. I paired this entire outfit with solid black wedges.

Another thing I’m obsessed with is chokers. You will never see me leave the house without one. Some cat eye sunglasses to protect my beautiful eyes from the glaring sun complete my chic look. I guess you can call my style edgy chic! That’s a new name. Maybe I should patent it?

Another way I would wear the sweater is with distressed boyfriend jeans and cheetah print Vans. With the denim skirt, I would wear my Vans along with a graphic T-shirt with tube socks.