STYLE GURU STYLE: Campus Cruisin'

STYLE GURU STYLE: Campus Cruisin'

Winter can be such a weird season, especially in Ohio. One minute it’s negative 16 degrees and the polar vortex is threatening to freeze the entire campus, and then the next, it’s sunny and 75 and girls are sunbathing on the deck. Like I said, it’s super weird. So to compensate for the weird weather, I dress for cruising around campus.

A comfortable pair of leggings is the number one item that is essential to dealing with weird winter weather. All of my favorite pairs are from Lululemon. Although these are technically cropped, they fit my height perfectly. These hug my curves without cutting off my circulation, making my legs look shapely while allowing me to breathe.

The number two item to dealing with wild winters is comfortable tops. A huge problem with the winter is trekking to class in your parka and having the classroom be hotter than Australia, so as your class crush is asking about homework, you’re sweating from your eyebrows. The best way to battle this is by wearing a loose-fitting shirt in a color that doesn’t show sweat. This one is from Victoria’s Secret, which makes, in my opinion, the best shirts that hide unsightly sweat marks.

My shoes are my loves. I honestly wear my Timberland boots all the time. Mine are custom-made, but any Timberland boots are perfect for winter. The boot itself is sturdy enough to withstand even the worst campus can throw at you, and the design is so cute that they work for basically everything. I am also wearing Cabin Socks, another go-to for me. They are so soft and the perfect level of warm to where it isn’t annoying.

For makeup, less is more when it comes to running across campus. I never leave the house (dorm) without my eyebrows and mascara, but one thing I have fallen completely in love with is highlighter. Sure, I used to use it in the past, but MAC makeup’s Strobe Cream has stolen my heart. The subtle glow it gives my skin is natural, but so cute and easy to wear. Just dab it on the cheeks, and slay the day.

Campus weather is hard to deal with. One second it’s sunny and warm, and the next the storm of the century hits and freezes everything in its path. To survive the weird winter weather that plagues the Midwest, be ready to cruise campus in comfy, cute clothes.