STYLE GURU STYLE: Business And Pleasure

There are two parts to life that we seem to always separate: business and pleasure. Luckily in fashion, there are no rules. The old saying that the sky is the limit is very true (and also applies to your pumps). When I took a glimpse back to the Barbara Bui fall 2015 ready-to-wear fashion show, I was inspired by all of the fierce looks. Many of the looks in the show were drastic, bold and definitely couture. Although all the attire had most of these qualities in common, there was one look in the show that inspired me the most: the first look. A dashing high-low dress combined with a daringly long trench coat that made me realize that combining two ideas can make for a beautiful outcome.

The look I put together is not at all similar to the outfit from the Barbara Bui show. It was the idea of two powerful pieces merging together that I loved. I am wearing a basic H&M Jersey dress as a base for my outfit. This dress was really a gem to find considering that it can be worn in a business, casual or even party setting. The exotic print drew me in as soon as I found it, and I didn’t realize how versatile it was until wearing it about four times now with all completely different looks! The next major element of my look is my Calvin Klein business jacket. This is something I will typically wear when I need to be business-casual, however pairing this luxury item with my steal of a deal dress made for the perfect “I’m fun yet classy” look that I wanted.

Everything easily fell in place when creating this look, including the shoes. I chose some subtle nude heels to tie everything together. Although both my dress and jacket are from two completely different lookbooks, the tan color throughout my outfit was really the glue to my entire look. Mixing powerful pieces on the runway is fierce and daring, however translating looks from runway to everyday can sometimes be challenging. If you find yourself in this situation, try stepping out of the box and use your creativity to translate ideas from the cat walk to your wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. Basic dress. 2. Business jacket. 3. Nude heels.