STYLE GURU STYLE: Bringing The Beach To School

As spring break ends, the weather is finally getting warm (and a little humid). If you were in Cancun, Miami or Hawaii for Spring Break, you can use your beach wear as something you wear to class. Of course, wearing a bikini to class is never a good idea, but beach cover-ups are definitely more appropriate; kimonos, rompers, sheer tops and crochet tops are all very chic and casual. One thing I love the most about beach cover-ups is the crochet element. Louis Vuitton‘s spring 2015 ready-to-wear show fully utilized this detail. In this collection, Nicolas Ghesquière used crochet to develop looks that were elegant with a slightly hippie vibe.

Ghesquière has always been an avid advocate for the ’70s style. This season, he designed lots of white high-necked dresses and tops, but he also managed to balance the prudishness with see-through crochet details. He contrasted patterns like horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as different multi-colored prints. As if the range of variety wasn’t enough, he mixed up different textures: crochet, sheer, sequins, satin, fur and cotton. I expected the collection to be disorienting with that many materials and patterns, but Ghesquière stunned me with one that is smooth and cohesive. The black and orange stripe-sequined dress was unique and avant-garde, while the white crocheted blouse was simple, yet gorgeous. Those looks go seamlessly together, even though each piece was one of a kind.

So here’s my outfit inspired by the show. Disclaimer: I was in Hawaii for Spring Break, so it was burning hot. I’m wearing a romper with a crocheted neckline. Its material is soft and wrinkly, so the look doesn’t look too contrived; it’s perfect for beach or going to class. I have a pair of flip flops on, which are also totally acceptable in Berkeley.

Get My Look: 1. A romper. 2. A pair of flip flops. 3. A cute beach bag.