STYLE GURU STYLE: Bring White To Your Life

The spring runway show from Christian Dior was simply amazing. I loved how he used white as the main color. This is visible throughout each of his looks, even if it’s just in a little piece of the look. The silhouette chosen by him is rather classic and stylish. You can see the high waist well marked in almost all looks. When the outfit is composed of a low pair of shorts and a coat, you see this mark in the way the coat is drawn, tightening more in the waist. I personally love white and high waist clothes, so today I went for it.

The outfit I chose is based on white as an all-around-color. By mixing with others colors, we can create a light visual, while still being a remarkable outfit. The pale pink skirt has delicate flowers sewn on it, which adds hints of romanticism to the look. I loved this combination of a white button-down paired with this skirt. It’s way too cute! But even though, I wanted to create something not too girlie. In an attempt to make this outfit a bit edgy, I threw these leopard shoes on as well as a black purse. It brought the look to another level. It’s a slight, yet effective change. The result, as I originally thought, is a balance between white and other colors. And even with the black purse, the white gets your attention!

This spring show inspired me to keep using white to make lighter outfits. I usually do, but it’s always exciting when you see it in a respectable collection, especially by Dior. He is simply incredible! The way he uses the colors and makes the silhouettes is fantastic!

Get My Look: 1. A white button-down. 2. A cute and delicate pink skirt. 3. A wild leopard scarpin. 4. A black purse on your taste.