STYLE GURU STYLE: Bring On the Scarves

December 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s that time of year again; scarf season is back and in full swing. This weather lately has been so weird where one week it’s really nice and the next week it’s really cold, but now I think we are back on track with the cold weather and winter is right around the corner. It’s time to bundle up and pile up on those layers!

I was headed off to my cousin’s baby shower and I thought I would snap a pic before I hit the road because this picture explains my type of style around the fall season. With this cold weather I tend to keep things more simple but still cute. That’s why in this picture everything is simple but my plaid blanket scarf is my statement piece and really makes my outfit pop. I’ve been seeing a lot of blanket scarfs lately in the stores and the new trend seems to be the bigger the scarf the better. This plaid scarf has a variety of darker colors on it that are perfect for the fall season. With my scarf being my statement piece I paired it with a simple black tee along with a black cardigan over it and blue ripped jeans.

As for my shoes I’m wearing knee high black suede boots. Knee high boots are so in this season! It took me forever to find a pair because every store I went to they either didn’t have my size or they were out of stock. I’ve been waiting weeks to get a pair and now that I got them I can finally shown them off. These shoes are a must have for the fall and winter seasons!