STYLE GURU STYLE: Bring It Out (Let It Go)

“I like imperfection”— that’s what Frank Muytjens, J.Crew’s menswear director, said at the brand’s 2015 spring collection presentation. He goes on to say that he doesn’t like it when “things are too perfect.” This idea really resonated with me. If you read some of my posts over the summer, it shouldn’t have been too difficult to figure I prefer my fashion to radiate elegance from comfort and simplicity. I definitely like some breathing room for a person’s fashion, and I think that’s what Muytjens was trying to convey for this year.

The biggest fashion note about me is that I don’t wear belts if I can help it. I said I really like the belt finish on a dress, but that’s because the coordination is rather unconventional for women. Men’s pants always have a place for a belt. It just looks like an obligation, and I don’t really like being tied down to an unspoken pact.

Another notable fashion element is that I love to wear rolled-up sleeves. This is rather a classical side of me. I think short sleeves or no sleeves are fine on the most casual occasions, but for dates, meeting new people and posing for CollegeFashionista? I think not. Even if I were to roll them up, long sleeves convey the gentleman’s etiquette. I prefer my patterns on the smaller scale as well.

The shoes are a pair of my favorites, the soccer-inspired David Beckham shoes. They don’t just feel lightweight but look pretty slick too. I just love to wear them with no-show socks! Lightly woven cotton pants from Banana Republic are about the only pants I’ll wear over summer because they cover my legs and let them breathe.

My hat’s been featured in the very beginning of my internship. I wear it everywhere because it’s a bit special for me, but I coordinated my outfit so that the hat would easily come off as the eye-catching item.

I know this was not the case back in the ’20s or previous decades, but I don’t think a person’s fashion should ever hinder his or her movement. As great as fashion is, the human body is the most graceful thing about us. Fashion adds on; it doesn’t replace.

Get My Look: 1. An American Eagle Outfitters shirt. 2. Banana Republic chinos. 3. The discontinued David Beckham shoes.