I’m so excited that winter is upon us, and that I can finally bundle up layer upon layer with no shame. One of my favorite collections to summarize my ideal aesthetic for this winter is the Tom Ford fall ready-to-wear 2015 collection. I say this because pretty much all the clothing I own are in earth tone colors. Tom Ford’s collection is exciting and edgy, mixing furs with military greens and black boots of all varieties.

I made this look into my own by starting a basic canvas of a tan thermal top with a dark wash skinny jean. I layered over with a green military jacket and a pair of black knee-high quilted boots. Despite not rocking the fur element of the model’s look, I managed to be extra comfortable and perfectly layered; if it ever got too hot, I could easily just take off the military jacket and still look stylish!

I wanted to incorporate a warm tone to my outfit so I accessorized with a pair of gold and silver earrings, and donned a light yet thick pink scarf. Just like the model, I played out my makeup perfectly with some blush and pink eye shadow.

I really love these boots. Last season, minimalist and plain boots seemed all the rage, but this time around it’s apparent that boots with texture are absolutely in, so I switched out the model’s snake skin boots for something more college campus appropriate, and wore these quilted knee high boots.

Get My Look: 1. Textured boots. 2. A military jacket. 3. Basic thermal.