STYLE GURU STYLE: Boho Meets Vintage

Christian Dior’s spring 2015 couture runway collection was breathtaking. It showcased fresh looks that captured the essence of spring. His pieces featured bright colors and light, floral patterns that resonated a fun vibe. My favorite look from his collection was this look. This beautifully constructed dress includes many on-trend features that are perfect for the spring season. The chest area of the dress was extremely unique. It featured bright orange floral lace detailing connected to a multi-colored beaded chest piece. A long, white high-waisted skirt that allowed some skin to show before plummeting what seemed to be a mile-long hemline, which was really just above the knee, pulled the outfit together.

The great thing about this look is that it is an open-ended, inspirational ensemble. I used this outfit as a muse in adding to my spring wardrobe. This is because I believe it echoes the essence of the spring season and features key elements that each Fashionista should strive to include in their closet. I took the colors of Dior’s runway look into account when creating my own outfit. I used some of the same colors as the model’s chest piece in my high-waisted shorts. White, yellow, blue, green and darker colors, such as orange and red, make for stellar color combinations when it comes to busy patterns. Not only do these colors work perfectly together, but they also give the look a more bohemian, laid-back vibe, which is something I personally strive to incorporate in my fashion.

Another note-worthy element of this runway look is that it has a vintage-meets-carefree feel to it. The long skirt is a classic, traditional style. When bonded with the unconventional, laid-back top, this ensemble creates the perfect balance of timeless and blasé. Wanting to achieve this balance in my own look, I paired my patterned shorts with a white knitted sweater, a classic staple piece. Christian Dior’s 2015 spring couture runway collection featured a number of looks that captured the spirit of spring through pairing classic elements with new fresh ideas. Aside from being an iconic ensemble, this collection inspired me to incorporate some of those elements, as well as mixing patterns and bright colors into my own everyday style.

Get My Look: 1. Drawstring boho-inspired shorts. 2. A simple white knitted sweater. 3. Springy sandals.