If you have noticed anything about my personal style now, it is probably the fact that I love bohemian, free-spirited looks. The layers on layers give me a sense of security in what I am wearing. The Etro spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection is coated in bohemian vibes and flowing layers. I am still staring. A lot of the looks in this collection are maxi skirts or long dresses draping to the floor.  In my personal outfit, I tried to recreate this. A cool color scheme is also apparent; however, they move from blues to a few warmer shades at the end, but overall they stick with the cool hues. These are my favorite colors, so I am not complaining.

I chose a loud pattern to cover most of my body. This pattern speaks the most, but the blue color tones add to the chill vibes. I always like to add a nice hat or other accessory, especially when I am going for the boho look. This complements the ease of everything else very well. For shoes, I find sandals like Birkenstock or gladiators the cutest. With maxi skirts, it can be difficult to wear heels because of the length of the skirt. Keep the skirt or dress slightly grazing the floor, and sit out on the heels. Your feet will thank you! Mix all of this together, and you have created the perfect boho look coated in good vibes!

Get My Look: 1. A patterned maxi skirt. 2. Your favorite Birkenstocks. 3. A solid crop top. 4. A hat.