To many people’s deep dismay, it’s getting colder outside. Gone are the fall days when we could chance a dress without tights, or bare our arms without teeth-chattering the entire way to class. Yes, as you might’ve heard before…winter is coming.

At times like these, it can be hard to maintain motivation to get dressed, much less do so while also showing off your personal style. However, with the blanket scarf, you can stay snug without sacrificing style.

A key to fashion on fall days is layering, layering and then some more layering. The blanket scarf serves as the perfect finish to a layered outfit, as it ties the ensemble together. I chose this burgundy and white checked scarf to complement fall colors. However, you can pick and choose whatever pattern or mixture of colors best suits your style. This scarf is your oyster!

Although the scarf lends itself to a large range of outfits, I chose to pair it with simple black jeans, chelsea boots and my vintage Fossil backpack. As someone who absolutely loves color, I have trouble not overloading my outfits with too many eye-catching pieces. However, by wearing the scarf with mostly neutral colors, I let it be the stand out item. Oftentimes, I’ve found that neutral outfits with pops of color are more flattering. Nevertheless, color is the spice of fashion! If you like to include a healthy amount of color in your wardrobe, I say power to ya!

So if you’ve been looking for something to keep you warm and tie together any outfit, your search ends now! The blanket scarf is cozy, versatile and perfect for fall fashion.