It’s no secret that jeans are a classic staple and are an article of clothing that should be in everyone’s closet. Jeans are universally loved for their versatility and their ability to be dressed up or down. In the Burberry 2016 pre-fall collection, the brand showed several looks that incorporated jeans and other articles of clothing that were black. I was inspired to recreate these looks in my own way that is practical for the average college girl. While I can’t afford an off the runway Burberry outfit because of my measly college budget, who says I can’t take what is shown on the catwalk and transform it into something that is wearable for everyday life and that is affordable at the same time?

Insert the chambray shirt. This is easily one of my most worn articles of clothing because you can practically wear it with anything. When I first looked at the Burberry collection, the mixing of black and blue really stood out to me because it is so simple, yet still looks very crisp. So to add some black into my look, I paired my shirt with some black jeans with my favorite over the knee black riding boots. This is such an easy outfit combination to create, even if you reverse it and where a black top and jean bottoms. It is perfect to wear to class, running errands, or even to go out in if you accessorize it correctly!

Dressing comfortably, affordably and fashionably is one of my main goals as a Fashionista. Why do we have to break the bank to look fabulous? I strongly believe that there is a way to accomplish your style goals while still maintaining a budget. The outfit I am wearing above is a perfect example because everyone most likely owns an article of clothing that is black and something made from denim. Quickly throw them together and you have the perfect outfit that is inspired by a major runway show.

Get My Look: 1. Chambray shirt. 2. Black jeans. 3. Riding boots. 4. Trendy sunglasses.