STYLE GURU STYLE: Black And White Chic

I recently was perusing through Tumblr and came across quite a funny post. An anonymous user posted a text box with the following message: “Pros of wearing all-black: looks so fierce. Cons: Everyone knows I had powdered donuts.” I laughed at how true that post was! Black is one color that can transform a look from basic to chic in a matter of seconds. In reference to the con, black also showcases any deodorant stains or reminents of powdery deserts. In all honesty, I never wore much black clothing before this past year. Deodorant stains always seemed to make an appearance on my black clothes. I always felt a little self conscious because my super pale skin was amplified against the dark tones of the garment. I’m a firm believer of trying new things when it comes to fashion. Before I knew it, I began adding black skirts and shirts to my shopping carts.

One of my favorite looks from the Bottega Veneta spring ready-to-wear 2015 show was the contrasting element of white and black. In the runway look, the model is wearing a black shirt with white trim. This small detail completely changes the runway look. Along with the shirt, the model wears a black skirt with white contrasting piping. The pockets are highlighted with the white piping. These details of an outfit can be easily transformed into college daily wear.

To incorporate these details into my look, I wore a ’60s-inspired trapeze dress. The while detailing is found along the seams of my dress. In the back, there is a bow detail and has white detailing going straight down. Since some of the classrooms can be a bit chilly, I wore my black biker inspired jacket. To keep consistent with the white and black detailing, I wore my black slip-on sneakers. I love the perforated leather detailing on these sneakers. The slip-on sneakers keep my dress looking fierce without being too overdressed for class. I wanted the focus of my look to be mainly on the white trim of my dress. I kept it very simple with big blue-tinted sunglasses.

Get My Look: 1. Black dress with white trim detailing. 2. Black slip-on shoes. 3. Black biker jacket.