STYLE GURU STYLE: Beauty Trends Uniquely On Top

I have always been a makeup trend fanatic. From what I can remember, I started experimenting with makeup and all of its varying elements back during my freshman year of high school, and I have been hooked since. While fashion-forward apparel is something to constantly keep tabs on, beauty trends are also extremely significant in conveying a certain style. A vibrant lipstick or sassy winged eyeliner can take any normal ensemble and completely vamp it up to achieve a fabulous look.

To recreate a beauty trend that is perfect for spring, summer or fall, I checked out Topshop Unique’s fall ready-to-wear beauty trends on Topshop Unique’s clothing is already superb and their beauty trends incorporate simplicity and natural beauty to let the outfit speak for itself. Although this is a fall 2015 beauty trend, I thought it would be a perfect time to remake it considering the spring and summer seasons are all about less being more. The models from the show all had messy hair that looked purposefully tangled with some pieces clipped back or tucked away behind the ears. The specific makeup look that I chose to hone in on featured a short, messy haircut with the top section of the model’s hair pinned up. She also had dabs of blush and bronzer on her cheeks to bring a breath of life to her pale skin and minimalistic eye makeup to keep things natural. Her lips had a little tint of rose lipstick which gave off an angelic aura to her glowing face.

I copied the model’s hairstyle since I, too have short, blonde messy hair, and I blended Bare Minerals bronzer on my cheeks, temples, a little on the bridge of my nose and below my chin to avoid any harsh lines. I used a lip tint by Clinique called “Black Honey” to dab on my lips, and I contoured the creases of my eyelids for extra definition with a color called “Primal.” I completed my makeup by adding a couple coats of clump-free black mascara and threw on a earthy-toned outfit to accentuate the organic feel of the makeup.

Get My Look: 1. A matte bronzer. 2. A rose-hued lip tint or lipstick. 3. A matte, mauve-toned eyeshadow.