The Dolce&Gabbana spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was an aesthetic dream. From the embroidered shorts to the deep red lips, there was a consistent flow of bold trends and baroque style. What inspired me about the collection was that Dolce&Gabbana can take simple pieces like a white button-down, floral print or jewelry and create amazingly avant garde, striking looks. This show goes to show that you can be bold without going overboard!

I decided to emulate my favorite spring show by starting off simple and building my look up. I first paired a white button-down with high-waisted tan shorts, similar to the high-waist motif in the show. I also decided to keep my shoes neutral by wearing brown flats to focus the attention to the top of my body. The key pieces of my look were a pair of large, gold medallion earrings and a bold red lip. These two parts of my look were a staple at the show and gave an overall baroque and Spanish feel to the looks. I decided to keep my clothing simple and make my accessories and lip color bold, much like the show, to illustrate how your outfit can make a statement simply by the accessories or beauty choices you make.

This spring 2015 show demonstrated that being bold can be done with any clothing and in any season and the result is a look that is wearable yet subtly striking. This show and look have taught me that our lives and fashion are actually very similar: both should be bold and beautiful.

Get My Look: 1. A simple button-down. 2. Embroidered shorts. 3. A deep red lip.