For this style that I wanted to share with you guys, I decided to go with a grungy vibe and show you how to put together an edgy, casual look. To give off the correct vibe I wanted to portray, both clothing and makeup go hand in hand for this look.

To begin, I am wearing a baseball jersey that I purchased while on vacation in Disney World. Underneath the jersey, I paired one of my favorite items that I own—a black high-neck bralette. High-neck bralettes have become one of my favorite trends because I can wear them with almost anything to create a cute layer underneath most shirts.

A pair of ripped jeans is essential to give off this grungy look, and underneath I put on a pair of distressed tights that I made myself. To tie the look together, a pair of black high-top sneakers are the perfect shoe to wear when out and about and exploring new places.

I absolutely love the current trend of circle shaped purses. Black is always a must have color for me, so I decided to purchase one and wear it with this outfit. Simple, yet big enough to fit a wallet and cell phone. It’s the perfect piece to wear when going out and not planning on bringing too much along with you.

Remember how I said that makeup was equally important for this look? Well, the dark lip is essential to fully tie in this edgy, grungy look. My go-to liquid lipstick is anything by ColourPop.

Messy, natural hair with a top knot is an easy look to go with if you want to give off the “don’t care” look. Carefree is the ultimate motto for a look like this!