STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to Casual

September 6th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to Casual

Is it September already? Boy, did summer fly by. I still haven’t gone swimming! Swimming through the new clothes in season that is.

It’s that time of year again, where everyone rushes or stresses to find the best new outfit for back to school. We all want to show off something new and trendy for a fresh new start  of the school year, impressing old friends and new.

I’ll admit I am one of those people and usually throw something together last minute for the first day back. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it looks like I rolled out of bed. While the clothes may be new, the trend not so much; but with added pops of color who will really notice?

Here is an outfit I put together for one of those rushed days for back to school week. A short-sleeved grey Victoria’s Secret scoop neck, with distressed dark denim jeans, a pastel green cardigan, and short floral combat boots. The cardigan gives a nice bright pop of color to the outfit, while complementing the floral boots to show you’re not entirely over summer, but you know falls right around the corner.

Although it’s still the end of summer it’s quite warm in California. So even without the cardigan the outfit is still comfortable enough for a casual day during the school week. This  is something I would wear mid-week to get me to Friday. A pop of color during the middle of the week can even brighten your mood, to help stay positive for the weekend. Always keep a colorful knit cardigan handy, because despite the heat, they’re super helpful to put a quick outfit together. Fashion first, weather later.