Denim on denim has been a very popular trend for this season, both on the runways and on the street. Recently, I brought my own version of this trend to life—and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this look. I tend to gravitate toward more of a subdued look, and both pieces in a vintage black wash fits in perfectly with this aesthetic. The base of this look revolves around two key pieces: the black denim jacket and the distressed denim skinny jeans. Both of these pieces add structure to the outfit while also adding in a bit of edge.

Underneath the denim jacket, I added a beige sweater to bring back an element of softness. The lighter color of the sweater underneath two dark pieces makes for a perfect contrast and allows for visual interest to stay in the outfit, even though the color palette is quite subdued. I have always enjoyed pairing neutrals together, but as of late I have been gravitating more toward keeping lighter colors underneath a statement bulk of darker colors. Now this could be due to the colder weather coming soon, but it could also be the obsession I have with this jacket taking over my closet. The dark color takeover has even translated in to my shoe choice as well. To complement this look, I chose to pair it with some black Timberland-inspired ankle boots. The sleekness of the boot makes them visually appealing, and the flat sole makes them a good shoe for every day while still being a chic option for fashion-savvy moments. This look is extremely versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions while still keeping you warm for the chilly days ahead.

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