STYLE GURU STYLE: Army Green Strong

I am a pretty big fan of neutral colored garments and have always had a special place in my heart for army green. I think it’s because I wish I always had green eyes so since I am stuck with brown wearing green clothing will have to suffice. In the ready-to-wear spring 2015 collections, there was a major army green trend. I particularly loved the Sonia Rykiel collection of earthy tones. Some of the models were wearing Army inspired jumpsuits that really caught my eye.

So when I decided to take this trend and create my own look I wanted to take this jumpsuit idea but make it more everyday friendly. I had these awesome pants that I spied while I was on a trip to Paris and added a more feminine detailed top. The pants are pretty masculine so I put on some wedges to add a more girly side. With my sunglasses, I felt like I was ready for aviation training. Just kidding…let’s not take it that far.

This runway style is a really chic way to look on trend but still ready to accomplish anything. You could wear this to work, the grocery store or even on a date and you’ll feel like you just stepped off the runway. If you put on a pair of combat boots, you could really embrace the whole army style. In the fall, you could even throw on a fitted sweater and get use out of these pants for two seasons. And who doesn’t love that?

Get My Look: 1. A pair of oversized pants. 2. A feminine top. 3. Some killer wedges.