STYLE GURU STYLE: April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well now that all the rainy days seem to be coming to and end and campus has been blooming with flowers, it only seems right to add some floral/paisley patterns to my wardrobe. Vogue has Schiaparelli spring 2016 Couture Collection online right now and one of the designers, Bertrand Guyon, seems to have the same idea as me for his design. Guyon’s design features a floral and paisley jacket.

I tried to translate this runway trend into my own look by finding a floral/paisley shirt to wear. The bright colors of the shirt pop and help to make the look “springy.” Since May in NWI is crazy, you can never rely on every day being sunny and 75. So, I added a jean button-up shirt to cover the paisley tank I’m wearing. This translates from Guyon’s design as well because his model is wearing a jacket on the runway as well. Spring and summer are exciting times to look forward to because that means it’s once again acceptable to wear colored pants again. I decided to choose red because it helps to bring out the colors of my tank even more. As always, it never hurts to accessorize which is why I put on a nude statement necklace that also matches the heels I’m wearing with the outfit. The nude heels help to add a more business professional look to the outfit, which is good in instances where I have to go to work or interviews.

Get My Look: 1. Tank top. 2. Shoes. 3. Red pants.