Now I know that many of you, after reading the title, are probably thinking to yourself, what the heck is an Ao dai? The good news is I have an answer for you! Ao dai is a Vietnamese traditional costume. The dresses are form-fitting with high slits on both sides. They are normally worn with long pants under them. I have always been jealous of Vietnamese women who get to wear such beautiful piece of clothing.

This outfit was not only inspired by an Ao dai, but also by the Valentino fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. Every look from this collection has either really long length skirts or pants. The color schemes are neutral. Black and nude are the two colors that appeared the most from the collection. Some of the looks have crazy patterns and some of them have none. I think this collection is very charming and beautiful. Most of the time, runway outfits can be too extreme, but for this collection, I can see many people wearing them on the streets.

When I saw this gray high slit tunic, I had to get it! It reminded me of an Ao dai so much. Since it’s almost summer, I decided to pair it with black high-waisted shorts instead of long pants. Fedora hats are on-trend this spring so I chose my favorite black one. I also recently just got a new pair of black booties and let me tell you that they have changed my life forever. I can wear them with almost every outfit I have, including this one. They are so comfortable and stylish. I also put on a little gold and pink flower necklace just to give this outfit a touch of color. Finally, I carried my black and gold cross-body bag that I got from Charming Charlie.

Get My Look: 1. Gray high slit tunic. 2. Black fedora hat. 3. Black and gold cross-body bag. 4. Black booties.